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This came up in the forum over the last week. The easiest way to get access to native code from a Creator application is when that code can be handled as a global resource similar to a JDBC driver jar. I created a little test case today (on Linux) and that seemed to work after […]

Ok, first off: We don’t claim to support FC4 but since Creator and it’s components are mostly Java, it should still work, right? 😉 I don’t know if my SuSE Linux systems are officially supported either. But I know that people try different flavors of Linux until they find one they like. So why not […]

The First Entry


Why do we need another blog? I don’t know. I prefer not to repeat stuff said somewhere else before. But I answer questions in different places and for different people all day long. And often I come across the same or similar problems over and over again. I hope this blog can serve me as […]