Monthly Archives: September 2005

Catch the Sun When You Can

By | September 19, 2005

And this time I don’t mean Sun Microsystems. Our photovoltaic system was finally completed today! It was a long wait. While browsing the news stands at our local book store in March, I came across a magazine called Home Power. It looked interesting and since I try to think about our environment once in a… Read More »

Web Server 6.1 and too large war files.

By | September 15, 2005

We found out that the Sun Java Enterprise System WebServer 6.1 has a upload limit of 10 MByte for web applications. Apparently we were very close to that limit for some time without knowing about it. But when you add a WebService or EJB client to a Creator application, all the support jar files will… Read More »

Creator 2 EA2: What's new in the Deployment Area?

By | September 14, 2005

Not too much;-) At least not much the average user will see. We added Remote Deployment support for the Sun Java System Portal Server 6.3 on top of the Application Server 8.1. If you happen to want to play with that on Solaris or Linux. Remote deployment is not really a good description, because the… Read More »

Creator 2 EA WebApps and Oracle

By | September 12, 2005

Creator uses a lot of features in the JDBC 3.0 specification to create a good design time experience. For instance it uses table metadata to prepopulate the columns in the table component. But not all JDBC drivers support everything we would need and especially the Oracle JDBC drivers don’t give us the metadata when we… Read More »