Daily Archives: February 9, 2006

Creator 2 Applications and Glassfish;-)

By | February 9, 2006

It simply works. I like that;-) In Creator export your application as a *.war file for a J2EE 1.4 compliant container. Download Glassfish (I used build 9.0-b32f) and get it up and running. Bring up the admin console and deploy your war file as every other war file. Point your browser at the URL and… Read More »

Creator 2 @ Gentoo Linux ;-)

By | February 9, 2006

First the standard disclaimer:  That’s not officially supported but it’s just Java, right;-) This came up on our Creator Forum. People tried to install Creator 2 on Gentoo Linux and that did not work so well. I’m using  Linux since somewhen  in 1993 /1994. I used to copy stacks of floppies for the installations. So… Read More »