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OK, we saw some ‘Too many connections‘ errors related to MySQL in various log files for the infrastructure. The easiest way to fix that, would be to increase the max_connections setting and be done with it. But that brought a bigger problem back to light. We don’t really have a good understanding of what […]

When I was a kid, there was a joke: “How many [politically in-correct Northern Germans] do you need to change a light bulb? – Five – One stands on the table and four turn the table to screw the bulb out and back in.” One Sunday I played “How many screws do you have to […]

Science Olympiad anyone?

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OK, so we have two kids and they are now grown somewhat and attending the Tracy Learning Center in eight’ and sixth grade. So every March for the last couple of years, there is the big regional Science Olympiad. This year, it was last Saturday, March the 6th. But the big competition is only the […]