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Ok, more things I don’t like about Apache Tomcat😉 We have a web application which wants to be installed into the root context. But that means that the normal /manager webapp would either show up in it’s `directory-space’ or we would not be able to use it at all 🙁 We have an Apache web […]

After I got the access logs for our Tomcat‘s to syslogd (see the entry below), I found that the Solaris syslogd can not handle the the RFC-5424 header format:-( So the info in that section was not really useful for us. That brought up a new problem, I needed to include the process ID in […]

OK, I searched the WWW far and wide, but I could not really find a good solution how to send the access log from Apache Tomcat to a syslogd:-( So I checked the source;-) and there were at least more than the default implementation. There was even one for logging to a DB. But […]