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By | December 5, 2010

L1022028 2 OK, I spend most of most of Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco @ the local RHoK installation. I met some very interesting people, learned a lot of different thing about software projects and I hope my little changes will make a bit of a difference.

I played with Ushahidi, an Open Source crowdsourcing platform written in PHP, which is used in different crisis situations. GeorgeCh. wanted the included alert mechanism to be expanded so that alerts could be limited to different categories. That patch was working fine on my test setup;-) If somebody is interested in playing with it, u.diff based on 2.0rc1.

The second application, I was playing with, was FrontlineSMS, a SMS management application in Java. This is a desktop application which can work with MySQL as backend database. So we were trying if we could run multiple instances against the same DB. That pretty much works except `client instances’ without wireless modems could not send any SMS out. The messages would end up in the Outbox and would only be sent when the `server instance’ would be restarted. I looked at the code and found that it would only on startup check in there are any messages in the Outbox. So I added a little daemon thread to wake up every five minutes and flush the Outbox. The thread seems to run and check but we had not enough time to set the complete test environment up again. If somebody is interested, the patch f.diff is against

Overall those were two interesting days;-)

Thanks to TROPO & inveneo for sponsoring such events. They even provided some prices and I got a Amazon gift card;-) Thanks to JasonG for the photo, I’m normally the guy behind the camera;-)

As always have fun;-)

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