Creator 2.0 EA on RedHat Fedora Core 4

By | August 26, 2005

Ok, first off: We don’t claim to support FC4 but since Creator and it’s components are mostly Java, it should still work, right? 😉 I don’t know if my SuSE Linux systems are officially supported either. But I know that people try different flavors of Linux until they find one they like. So why not help them a bit?

The solution is a bit long, because FC4 doesn’t really like the J2SE 1.4, so a couple of steps normally done at the end of the install, have to be done by hand.

  1. Make sure, you have the following packages installed. Otherwise the installer will not even start.

    • xorg-x11-deprecated-libs
    • compat-libstdc++
  2. Install Creator 2ea. That will complain, that it can’t start the AppServer etc. That’s ok for now.

  3. Add the option to the following files:

    • <CREATOR_HOME>/SunAppServer8/pointbase/tools/serveroption/ – last line
    • <CREATOR_HOME>/SunAppServer8/bin/asadmin – last line
    • <CREATOR_HOME>/SunAppServer8/domains/creator/config/domain.xml – As a new <jvm-options/> element
    • <CREATOR_HOME>/SunAppServer8/imq/bin/imqbrokerd – to the _jvm_args variable
    • <CREATOR_HOME>/rave2.0/startup/bin/ – last line
    • <CREATOR_HOME>/etc/netbeans.conf – to the netbeans_default_options with the -J prefix!!
  4. Populate the examples etc:

    • Go to <CREATOR_HOME>/bin
    • run ./
    • run ./
    • run ./
    • run ./
    • run ./
  5. Finally, run ./creator and enjoy!

I hope that helps a bit.

Update for Creator 2 Final (Wed Jan 25 11:15:31 PST 2006):

We switched to JSE 5.0 for Creator 2 EA2 and Final. So all the hand editing is not needed any longer!

Have fun.
— Marco

One thought on “Creator 2.0 EA on RedHat Fedora Core 4

  1. Giuliano

    Here the creator installer say: “Application Server could not be installed correctly. The following RPM packages need to be installed: compat-libstdc++, compat-libstdc++-devel Review the log file under this directory: /opt/Creator2”
    But I have the libraries installed in my system:
    rpm -qa libstdc++-devel libstdc++
    How can I install Creator in Fedora Core 4 ?

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