Why do we need another blog? I don’t know. I prefer not to repeat stuff said somewhere else before.

But I answer questions in different places and for different people all day long. And often I come across the same or similar problems over and over again. I hope this blog can serve me as a place to remember and share the solutions we find. I hope those answers might be useful for other people as well.

I’m yet another engineer in Sun’s Java Studio Creator team. I’m mostly working in the deployment area. So I will be happy when our users can deploy their web applications simply by hitting the “Green Arrow” without thinking about how all the configuration will be done on the deployment server.

But in the area of application servers/web containers there are sometimes a lot of problems. Different containers behave differently and we don’t claim to support everything out of the box. But maybe I can share the things I’ve tried (and will try) and that can help others.

OK, if somebody reads this, have a good weekend;-) I’ll try to play with a theme for this page now.