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Engineers without Borders – wifi4crea Project

By | November 2, 2008

I’m involved with the “Engineers without Borders” for allmost a year now. We are currently building an annex chapter of the San Francisco – Professional Chapter. A lot of nice, long names. What it really means is, that a group of Sun people work together to help. The rest is just organizational/logistical. We are trying… Read More »

An Article about my Highschool/Gymnasium

By | December 27, 2007

OK, this article is not really new any more. It took almost a year until I came across it. But it’s always interesting to see what your old school is doing. Especially when a (German) national paper is praising it very much. Here is a link to the "Die Welt" article titled "Germany’s Smartest Pupils".… Read More »

Fun on my Bicycle – Waves to Wine

By | October 4, 2007

For the weekend I joined Team Sun and 1600 other bicycle riders for the Northern California MS150 Bike Tour “Waves to Wine”. I did not know what I get into since this was my first participation in such a fund raising ride. But I must say, it was a lot of fun. I did not… Read More »

Perl, Solaris 10/OpenSolaris and Sys::Syslog – Solved

By | June 12, 2007

I ventured a bit into different languages lately. Over the last couple of days, I tried to install and run the mailing list manager Sympa on OpenSolaris and the CoolStack packages. Building the pieces were not a big problem. But the first problem I encountered, was the missing BerkeleyDB in the CoolStack packages. OK, BerkeleyDB… Read More »

A little update on our PV system

By | October 31, 2006

It has already been a year since we generate a lot of our electricity on our roof. Starting in October 2005 we got our new meter. So this years October bill was the time when PG&E did the true-up over the year. We did not have to pay for any used electricity;-) We only payed… Read More »

It's the LinuxWorld Time Again and Other Related Events

By | August 15, 2006

So I’ll visit the expo floor tomorrow and see what’s new and interesting;-) I don’t know why Sun decided not to participate in the expo. I didn’t even see OpenOffice in the exhibitor list, I hope they are somewhere. I’m playing with [K]Ubuntu lately. So another event which might be interesting is the Ubucon Conference… Read More »

Application Server and Proxy Authentication

By | June 16, 2006

The problem came up at least twice so far on our Java Studio Creator Forum. How can the application server use a proxy to connect to remote webservices etc when the proxy setup requires user authentication? It looks like the normal Java SE 5 JDK does not provide any system properties alongside http.proxyHost and friends.… Read More »

Late JavaOne impressions

By | May 25, 2006

Last week was a lot of fun;-) JavaOne time. But at the end of it, I was very tired. Everything started with the NetBeans Day on Monday. Or better with the registration to it. Seeing all those people standing in line to listen to what’s new and coming in NB was quite a sight. I… Read More »

Planet Java Studio Creator ?

By | May 14, 2006

I’m toying with a Planet Java Studio Creator site idea. So far I’ve my first attempt but I would like to know if other people find this useful and what they would like to see there. The CSS is still completely messed up but look at planetjscreator and let me know if that would be… Read More »

Bike to JavaOne;-)

By | May 9, 2006

A lot of the Java enthusiasts will know that the 2006 edition of JavaOne will be held next week in San Francisco. I’ll be there as well as for the NetBeans Day on the Monday. If you have seen the Java Studio Creator web site, you also probably realize that I’m riding my bicycle quite… Read More »