Planet Java Studio Creator ?

By | May 14, 2006

I’m toying with a Planet Java Studio Creator site idea. So far I’ve my first attempt but I would like to know if other people find this useful and what they would like to see there.

The CSS is still completely messed up but look at planetjscreator and let me know if that would be useful. Currently it’s only using feeds from Sun but I would like to open it to other Creator related feeds.

Please be patient, that’s currently hosted on my little Cobalt Qube 3 on a DSL line. It might move or completely disappear depending on the responses I get;-)

I’ve also created a thread on the Creator forum. So you can also discuss this there.

— Marco

2 thoughts on “Planet Java Studio Creator ?

  1. Valère Déjardin

    I was for long waiting for that! Keep on Marco!

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