I ventured a bit into different languages lately. Over the last couple of days, I tried to install and run the mailing list manager Sympa on OpenSolaris and the CoolStack packages.

Building the pieces were not a big problem. But the first problem I encountered, was the missing BerkeleyDB in the CoolStack packages. OK, BerkeleyDB is not hard to build and that was fixed quickly once I knew what was going on.

The next problem was, that the Sys::Syslog module apparently does not work so well in newer Solaris versions. I searched the web but I was not able to find any solution. So I looked at the code and decided that I would write a targeted Sys::Syslog for Solaris which would actually use the libc interfaces instead of trying to do everything by hand.

Here is my little modified module, I hope, maybe somebody will find this useful. It uses the same API as the original module, so it should work as a drop-in replacement with the only exception that it actually communicates with the syslogd;-)

Have fun.

— Marco

Fri Jul 13 17:12:06 PDT 2007

OK, today I checked and there is actually a newer version of Sys::Syslog which works just fine on Solaris 10/OpenSolaris. I compiled it and replaced the version in the CoolStack Perl.  Now I’m happy with that;-) That’s what you get when you blindly use source packages of some software:-(