Engineers without Borders – wifi4crea Project

By | November 2, 2008

I’m involved with the “Engineers without Borders” for allmost a year now. We are currently building an annex chapter of the San Francisco – Professional Chapter. A lot of nice, long names. What it really means is, that a group of Sun people work together to help. The rest is just organizational/logistical.

We are trying to build a wireless internet link to the CREA – Panama reseach station. They collect a lot of meteorological data which needs to go to researchers and on the other hand, an internet connection will also help in the education of villagers in more sustainable methods of agriculture.

I was there in early September for a feasibility trip. It looks like we can build an long range WiFi link to the ‘more urban’ 🙂 areas where DSL would be available.

So far, so good. But since that is a complete volunteer effort on our part, we have to raise the money we need.  We were selected to represent EWB at a 2008 Project Challenge. See the little image for a link. If we can raise enough money until November 21st, there are even prices;-)

Thanks for your support.

Have fun out there;-)

— Marco