Creator 2 Applications and Oracle OC4J – A Bit Closer

By | January 27, 2006

An update to my last posting – I found one problem;-)

Apparently OC4J does employ some kind of *.TLD caching by default and that does not work with our applications which bring their taglibs with them. The error message did not help much in this case:-(

The solution: Switch of the jsp-cache-tlds either globally or for the Creator applications. There are two ways to do that, the hard way and the not so hard way;-)

The not so hard way works only when you have the Oracle Enterprise Manager up and running:

  • Go to the OC4J:home page in the Oracle Enterprise Manager and select the Applications tab.
  • Find your application in the Deployed Applications list and click on it. (OC4J creates a EAR around your WAR file)
  • On the next page find your application in the Web Modules list and click on it. You are now at the web application level.
  • Find the Advanced Properties at the bottom of the next page and click on that.
  • You can now edit the orion-web.xml file for your application. Add an attribute jsp-cache-tlds=”off” to the orion-web-app element.
  • Apply the changes and confirm the required restart of OC4J on the next page.

The harder way;-)

  • Edit $ORACLE_HOME/j2eehome/application-deployments/<YourApp>/<YourApp>/orion-web.xml in your favorite editor.
  • Add an attribute jsp-cache-tlds=”off” to the orion-web-app element ans save the file.
  • Restart the OC4J instance.

Now you should be able to access the welcome page of your application;-)

But I found that I still have problems with the round trip setup:-(  When I hit the button, which should only set the value on a static text field on the same page. I end up here

Somehow the communication between the HTTP server and OC4J does not yet seem to work as expected:-(  But I had cases where the same application sometimes worked. So it might just be some timing issue??

Hopefully to be continued.

Have a nice weekend
— Marco

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