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By | April 7, 2006

Long time nothing new? Actually a lot has happened but the blog did not get the attention I would have liked:-(

I’m slowly getting used to working in NetBeans😉

Ok, I worked on NetBeans for some years now, but I also worked on other stuff. And so I stayed with XEmacs because it supported most of the suff I was looking for in Java and it also supported all the other languages I’m interested in. I even read my email with XEmacs/VM.

But times change and I took the failure of the harddisk in my laptop as opportunity to try and see how long I can survive without a XEmacs setup. It has been more than three weeks now;-)

Some things I’m still missing but I’ll look for them or try to find a way to get them working. I might follow in the steps of Sandip and create some small improvements for the things I would like to have.

The first thing I got working again is the very flexible Java code formatter Jalopy. At one time it had a NetBeans  plugin but that was in the 3.5 days. So I took that code and updated it to work with NetBeans 5.0. I hope my changes will make it someday onto the official web site. I sent my project over but the official project has a maven setup and I created a NetBeans project to work with. So there is still some adaptation to do. Until then, here is the nbm to play with and my project sources.

Have fun;-)
— Marco

Update — Fri Apr  7 22:18:35 PDT 2006

Tor pointed out that the Jalopy plugin already lives in the NetBeans contrib area. I did not know that, but I’ll check that area more closely in the furture;-)

2 thoughts on “Jalopy @ NB 5.0

  1. Marco Walther

    Ok, I did not know that;-) But that’s still good. Let’s see if we can get both sites onto the same page.
    Thanks for letting me know.
    — Marco

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