The First JavaOne Flyer – Online Only

By | February 15, 2007

JavaOne FlyerUsually I try to stay out of the big announcements. But an email today caught my eye. You know, all those high-gloss flyers you get for diverse expos and conferences are using a lot of resources. Sun decided to to the first round for this years JavaOne online-only. If you have read some postings here, you will know that I really like that idea.

Here are the estimated resource savings:

"By producing this piece virtually, the Eco group has calculated the savings Sun has made:
Savings from not sending DM1 this year
-Assuming (based on last year) DM1 is equivalent to 2.5 pages of 0% recycled copy paper
-Total paper saved = 4.63 tons
-Greenhouse Gases reduced (CO2 equivalents) = 13  tons (26,297 lbs)
-Reduction in wood use = 13 tons
-# of trees saved (assuming 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333.3 sheets) = 111
-Reduction in wastewater (and associated water pollution) = 78,616 gallons *(equivalent to 838K cans of soda)*
-Reduction in solid waste (stuff sent to landfills)  = 5.1 tons"

I think that’s a good start. So please head on over to the JavaOne web site to read more about  the upcoming conference.


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