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Apache Tomcat and Logging – The 3rd

By | July 18, 2013

My never ending story with Tomcat and logging.  The previous posts are here and here. This version has two updates. Tomcat was still sending the System.out and System.err streams to the shell and eventually to catalina.out in the normal configuration.  The jar file now contains a life cycle listener which can be used to redirect… Read More »

Jruby and Thread Dumps

By | August 7, 2012

OK, today I would like to share a little patch I was toying around with in the JRuby world. First a little background. We run some Ruby on Rails application via JRuby in JavaEE web containers, either in Tomcat or in GlassFish. That’s all nice and good when everything is working. But we have some… Read More »

Apache Tomcat – Multi-Service Manager App

By | June 29, 2012

Ok, more things I don’t like about Apache Tomcat😉 We have a web application which wants to be installed into the root context. But that means that the normal /manager webapp would either show up in it’s `directory-space’ or we would not be able to use it at all 🙁 We have an Apache web… Read More »

Apache Tomcat and Logging – The 2nd

By | June 26, 2012

After I got the access logs for our Tomcat‘s to syslogd (see the entry below), I found that the Solaris syslogd can not handle the the RFC-5424 header format:-( So the info in that section was not really useful for us. That brought up a new problem, I needed to include the process ID in… Read More »

Apache Tomcat Access Log to Syslogd

By | June 12, 2012

OK, I searched the WWW far and wide, but I could not really find a good solution how to send the access log from Apache Tomcat to a syslogd:-( So I checked the source;-) and there were at least more than the default implementation. There was even one for logging to a DB. But… Read More »

Glassfish v2 and syslogd – an Adventure

By | October 10, 2008

I did not post here for a long time. One of the reasons was, that I was not really able to say too much about what we were trying to build. But now “Project Kenai” has made it to the public beta. So I can say that I was working on it for the last… Read More »

The First JavaOne Flyer – Online Only

By | February 15, 2007

Usually I try to stay out of the big announcements. But an email today caught my eye. You know, all those high-gloss flyers you get for diverse expos and conferences are using a lot of resources. Sun decided to to the first round for this years JavaOne online-only. If you have read some postings here,… Read More »

VWP @NetBeans 5.5 and project update

By | December 11, 2006

We finally released the Visual Web Pack for NetBeans 5.5;-) So I might actually write a couple of more entries here again. Some people see problems when they try to take a project from the VWP TP and open/build it with the final version of VWP. Something like: I installed the new version of VWP… Read More »

NB 6 – trunk, Java SE 6 and KDE

By | October 25, 2006

Long time nothing on this blog. Sorry about that. But here I come again;-) I started playing with NB 6 on top of the Java SE 6 RC builds. And as always I’m not using the default configuration. So I ran into an interesting problem. The NB IDE was not able to open an external… Read More »