After I got the access logs for our Tomcat‘s to syslogd (see the entry below), I found that the Solaris syslogd can not handle the the RFC-5424 header format:-( So the info in that section was not really useful for us.

That brought up a new problem, I needed to include the process ID in the log records. So I updated my little extension jar to handle an extra %P format specifier for the SyslogAccessLogValve class.

The normal log4j 1.2 also has no real way to include the process ID in the records. So I added a little org.apache.log4j.PidPatternLayout which handles the %P in addition to the normal PatternLayout.

The new jar file with both the sources and all the classes is here;-) mw2.jar

I hope it helps some people. Have fun playing,
— Marco

Update:  Here is a new version of the jar: mw3.jar which hopefully removes the StringManager dependency for Tomcat7. I still did not test it with Tomcat7!!

Update: Next post in what becomes a series?!