I played with the Robotis CM-900 and the little MinIMU board before. But so far, I always used the Arduino libraries directly from Pololu. One example was my little teddy seatπŸ˜‰ This time around, I decided to take the Arduino out of the equation and and let the CM-900 do the I2C communication with the IMU. That seems to work pretty well after a couple of changes:

  • I think, I found a little problem in the OpenCM Wire library implementation. I posted the proposed fix at the RobotSource forum here.
  • I had to make some minor adjustments to the Pololu library sources to make them work with the OpenCM environment. Overall they are written very well and the switch from a 16bit Arduino base to the 32bit CM base was not a big problem. I forked the repos and my modified versions are available here: L3G library, LSM300 library & MinIMU-9
  • I’m running on Linux, so the requirements for the MinIMU-9-test.py needed to be adapted a little bit.

But overall it works pretty well.

BioloidBack1_1000BioloidBack2_1000Since I wanted to keep the original Bioloid setup intact as much as possible, I had to find a new place for the little IMU board. I used a little wooden carrier and some double sided tape;-) Now on to the next step. Trying to get the robot to walk with the CM-900 instead of it’s original controller;-)

As always have fun.

— Marco